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Going to Rome? Here’s what you need to bring

One of the most important things to do before travelling is to determine which items will be required. It sounds easy but as we know, it’s not. Clever travellers dedicate some time (perhaps minutes for boys and hours for girls) to the planning of the luggage. You should think about the place you are going, the dimensions and weight of the luggage and, last but not least, you have to consider what you are going to during your trip.


Now, one question must be going round your head, why is this list so important? There are several reasons for doing so including the fact that there is nothing worse than deciding what to bring with you when you are preparing your luggage (the risk of forgetting something is very high). Secondly, with this list you are ensuring that you do not forget any essential items and preventing a potential headache on your travels.


But what exactly do you need to bring with you if you want to travel to Rome for the summer holidays? Rome, the Eternal city, the Caput Mundi, every road leads to Rome and it’s true, Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will remain completely captivated from the very second you lay your eyes on the city by all of the monuments, amazing buildings and churches.


So, what do you have to bring with you? First, the most comfortable pairs of shoes you have as you will spend lot’s of hours walking and you will need to be equipped to face kilometers of asphalt, grass and cobblestones. For this reason it is sometimes better to take a break during the day returning to your hotel in Rome to relax a little while before going back into the city. In addition, you’ll also need a camera to remember all the attractions that the city has to offer and obviously a change of shorts and t-shirts for every day. Furthermore, another important item is a hat as the temperature can be very high. You may also wish to consider purchasing a map (available on site) so that you know where the most important sites are. Last but not least, you’ll need to bring your desire to explore because there are so many things to see in Rome.

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